I’m Becky, and for a while now my nearest and dearest have dubbed me the Skinny Buddha. I’m not entirely sure if the nickname is based on fact or just created for comedy value, but either way, it appears that the people in my life think I have something useful to say. So here goes, welcome to the thoughts of a small human with a big heart…

These pages will to provide you a little insight into my world, how my mind works, how I make decisions and how I (attempt) to rationalise the world around me. Tips and Tricks I use for getting by and the advice I have given (that isn’t always easy to follow yourself.)

Maybe you will read something here that helps you along the way, maybe you will use it as five minute escape from your busy life or maybe you will just find it vaguely amusing. But if nothing else, I hope that it makes you realise that you are not alone. I am just like you and millions of others muddling through this crazy life, doing the best we can with what we have.

And remember: There’s no right or wrong way – only your way. The skinny Buddha

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